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Scope at a Glance

Unrivalled Inventory - Fast Delivery
Scope was established in 1980 and carries an extensive inventory of over 80,000 different items. Scope operates as a one-stop shop on a Just-In-Time delivery basis.

Scope supplies stainless steel, aluminum, steel and steel alloys, magnesium, plastics, nickel alloys, brass, bronze, copper, lead and titanium. All alloys are available in both commercial and aircraft quality.

Our products include:

Many different industries benefit from Scope’s quality, experience and reliability, from food processing and pharmaceuticals, energy, water, chemicals and petrochemicals, fertilizers, aerospace and aviation, military, machining, elevators and construction, solar energy, infrastructure to microelectronics, high tech and more.

In addition, Scope works closley with leading engineeiring firms and manufacturers and provides support to large scale and complex projects.
Such support includes planning, financing, procurement, transport and all logistical operations.

State-of-the-art technology for state-of-the-art quality
Scope’s leading position is supported by state-of-the-art automatic and computerized warehouses and processing equipment, including advanced cut-to-length and blanking lines, a slitting line, fully automatic disc saws, an advanced polishing and coating line, band saws and more. Our main warehouses located in the Re'em Industrial Park near Gedera cover more than 128,000 sqm (1,370,000 sqft), including more than 48,000 sqm (452,000 sqft) of covered storage areas.
Scope also operates its own laboratory, featuring the latest material testing equipment. Quality is the core concern of all Scope’s operations. Quality control is coordinated by an in-house,
AS9100 certified controller. A SAP ERP CRM platform facilitates flexible, coordinated and responsive management.
Having gained 1E approved supplier status (the highest quality standard) to Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Scope also won a contract for the supply of IAI raw materials directly to the production line, and enjoys a reputation as the leading regional supplier of aluminum to the aerospace market.

A leading company enjoying global success
Scope is a public company listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Scope cooperates with hundreds of leading manufacturers around the globe. Scope's motto is "anything, anytime" and we provide storage and logistical outsourcing services to our customers world-wide, enabling them to cut costs and concentrate on their core businesses.

In addition to its leading position in the local market, Scope exports its products and services to Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. This ever-expanding network of local affiliations and subsidiaries around the world, plus its central location, enables Scope to access global markets with flexible shipping options, including land, sea and air, and guarantee a short lead-time.

In 2004, Scope began its global expansion. Today, Scope subsidiaries are located in the US, the Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Korea and the Ukraine.
Over 50% of the group's activities are outside of Israel.
Our unique position provides our customers with genuine competitive advantages and has positioned Scope as one of the leading companies in its field.